Invoice Maker App

An easy invoice making app helps facilitate quick and efficient business transactions and get paid for goods sold or services. It contains all the essential details in a manual invoice such as products sold or services rendered quantity, price, discount, tax, transaction time, and payment time.

Sparkapp is an invoice making app designed with all these standard features and many others that set it unrivaled. Its design is so simple, sleek, accessible, and some added functions that pay attention to the needs of every individual user’s taste. Here’s a quick guide on using and getting the most out of our invoice maker app.

Getting Started

Who needs our Spark Invoice App?

In the digital advancement age, most companies and businesses are starting to do away with the manual ways and transitioning to digital solutions. Anybody can use our free invoice generator app. It’s swift and easy to use, without sacrificing the top quality required. Even though it’s an Invoice generator for small businesses and freelancers, more prominent companies can benefit tremendously from using this free invoice generator.

  • How to create an Invoice using Spark Invoice Maker

Download here on Google PlayStore or the App StoreAmong several invoice and estimate makers on the app store; you’ll find the Spark App, ready for download. When you’ve successfully installed Spark on your gadget, an instruction comes up on the screen to input your business details. This is a one-time prompt, but you can modify and save the information you fill in if you have to.

Besides basic info like business name, contact email, phone number, business address, tax type, date format, and title, you can also add your business logo! Smooth and easy.

  • Generate an Invoice

Once you have registered all these details, you can immediately start sending out invoices without further delay. In the Invoice bar at the top, you’ll see a plus +. When you click on it, it brings out an e-Form where you fill in the transaction’s details. Fill in carefully. You can edit the information on the invoice if you need to.

  • Prepare all the details you need

To avoid a delay in generating and sending an invoice, it becomes necessary to have the following details with you instead of saving it up for later.

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice Date
  • Contact Information
  • Products or services information
  • Discounts
  • Tax information
  • Send

Spark Invoice Maker is designed to send invoices within seconds, saving your business time and, thus, money. After filling in the fields, you can send your invoice and get paid. With Spark invoicing software, you have the option to send the invoice directly. When you’re ready to send, it’ll bring the options such as email or other supported messaging platforms. Another option is to download and save the invoice as a PDF file for later. You can also save the file in your Cloud storage.

Sparkapp also comes with the additional note feature where you can include other information such as a progress report, a thank you note, payment terms, and preferred means of payment. Learn more about our world-class invoice maker:

Invoice Maker App