When it comes to getting paid, invoices are your holy grail. And while accounting software has dominated thousands of companies, there’s no doubt that mobile invoice generator apps have come a long way. Thanks to modern technology, now we can generate and deliver great-looking invoices using the best free invoice apps for Android. 

If you’re looking for the best free invoice apps for Android, you’re in the right place. Below, we listed our favorite, feature-packed invoice apps for Android, along with their unique features that make them stand out from the rest of the invoice apps available.

Best Free Invoice Apps for Android

Spark Invoice Maker

You could have two different tools — one for invoicing and one for creating estimates — but with Spark Invoice Maker, you’ll get both in one light package. 

Spark Invoice is a feature-packed invoicing app equipped with all the tools you need to generate and track your invoices and clients. Check your Clients List to monitor unsettled invoices at a glance. With Spark, you can easily identify who buys the most and what products make the most sales. That being said, you may use Spark to keep an eye on your inventory and cash flow.

Further, Spark Invoice lets you build your client and product list. If you take time creating a customer and product database on Spark Invoice, you can quickly pull the details when making invoices. With your data saved on Spark, you can generate and send invoices within a minute.

Spark Invoice allows you to do some basic customization of your invoice, like adding a corporate logo, editing taxation, applying discounts, and inserting images. If you need to create recurring invoices, you can pull your clients’ information and your products with just a few taps. Delivering your invoices is just as easy! Once the invoice has been generated, simply hit the Send button, and Spark will detect your email provider and other messaging apps that support PDF attachments.


  • Convert estimates into invoices with just a tap! It’s quick, simple, and easy. 
  • Edit taxation and choose whether the prices are tax inclusive or exclusive. 
  • You don’t need to create an account to enjoy this free invoice app. 
  • Get professionally designed and crisp invoices that represent your brand. 
  • Check your account history, client information, and invoices at a glance. All it takes is one tap!
  • Perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners, contractors, and sole traders.

Getting paid has never been easier, thanks to our Spark Invoice Maker. Download our invoice maker now and get a fast and easy invoicing experience.


Bill your clients for your hard work today! Bookipi is one of the best free invoice apps for Android. It boasts a bunch of features that you couldn’t help but love. Bookipi notifies you when your client has opened your invoice, which also means that you can determine who among your customers have not opened your invoice! From there, you can send friendly reminders to settle unpaid invoices, which you can also perform in the app. 

Once your client has opened your invoice, Bookipi allows them to sign the document on the device screen or email. The signed invoice will then be saved in the cloud for record-keeping and easy retrieval. 

With Bookipi, you can produce PDF reports for invoices, estimates, and payment summaries. You can organize these reports by month, item, or customer. It’s an excellent feature for accounting and bookkeeping. 

When the client successfully makes the payment, you can send them a receipt via the app. Should there be charges, you may impose them on your clients. 

Plus, you don’t ever have to worry about losing your records. Create a backup on the cloud, so you can restore your invoices in case your device gets stolen or corrupted.


  • Calculates your invoices and taxes. 
  • Allows credit card payments. 
  • Automatically syncs your data across multiple devices. 
  • Call or email a client directly from the app. 
  • Convert estimates into invoices in seconds!

Wave Invoice

How about an app that can do both invoicing and accounting? Wave Invoice owns the spotlight when it comes to generating robust invoices and clear-cut accounting reports. Hence, it would be a mistake not to include Wave Invoice in our list of best free invoice apps for Android. 

Now, you don’t have to boot up your computer to process your invoices and billing. You can do that at the convenience of your phone—create, customize, and send invoices anywhere you are. 

Wave Invoice notifies you when an invoice is viewed, overdue, or gets paid so that you can manage your cash flow better than ever. With this feature, it is easy to send reminders to busy customers. Plus, when an invoice is overdue, Wave instantly sends an email to your customer to remind them about the payment. 

When invoices get paid, you can mark them on the spot, helping you keep your records up to date.


  • Create invoices in different currencies. 
  • Automate your billing by scheduling recurring invoices.
  • Customize your invoice by adding your corporate logo and adjusting the template’s color. 
  • Send statements to follow up overdue customer accounts. 
  • Deliver your invoices via Wave, Gmail, Outlook, and other supported email providers.

Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple is among the best free invoice apps for Android for several reasons: it simplifies invoicing and billing processes—something you’d be certainly grateful for if you’re always on the go.  

This app is ideal for contractors, freelancers, and small business owners who need a simple yet professional mobile invoicing app. Produce and deliver beautiful invoices, then track them on your phone. Manage all your billing on the spot, and send quotations or invoices instantly to your customers. 

Invoice Simple is a free-to-download app that you can use to create a limited number of invoices. You may upgrade your subscription in-app to produce an unlimited number of invoices and estimates. 

The app also comes with a built-in report generator, so you can check your invoices and completed transactions with a tap. When you create an estimate, you can convert it into an invoice later. Plus, you can specify the payment terms in your invoice: 30 days, 14 days, etc.


  • Send your invoices through WhatsApp, Slack, or other messaging apps. 
  • Apply discounts on your items quickly. 
  • Create PDF invoices and estimates using the built-in PDF invoice maker.
  • Add a signature to your invoices and estimates to validate your documents.
  • You may include what payment method you prefer: cash, card, or check.

Free Invoice Generator

Free Invoice Generator is developed by Zoho Corporation. Looking at its features, we can tell it is one of the best free invoice apps for Android. It only takes three simple steps to create an invoice using this app:

  1. Add your details – enter your company information and your preferred language.
  2. Add client details – enter your client’s information and the goods or services they purchased.
  3. Share, download, or send your invoices.

That isn’t so hard, is it? Like Spark Invoice Maker, you can edit the invoice number with Free Invoice Generator. It also allows you to add the transaction date and due date. 

If there is anything we don’t like about this app, it’s that it shows the Free Invoice Generator logo at the bottom of the generated invoice—something that reduces the professional look of your invoice.


  • Simple and comprehensive invoice maker for small and big businesses.
  • No ads, no complicated sign-ups—it’s purely focused on helping entrepreneurs and contractors create invoices effortlessly.   
  • Sends your invoices in PDF form via email and other messaging platforms.
  • You can email your clients directly from the app, and it gives you a copy of the invoices for record-keeping. 
  • It allows you to create an unlimited number of invoices for free.

Free invoice maker by NorthOne Inc

Creating an invoice can include many mundane manual tasks, such as data entry and repetitive calculations. But with this free invoice maker from NorthOne Inc, you can produce invoices without performing tedious data entry. It automatically calculates the total amount payable, with discounts and taxes included.

This app lets you generate invoices and estimates within a couple of minutes or less. It also enables you to send friendly email reminders to your clients. 

Specify your payment terms: 30 days, 14 days, or a custom date. You can manage your account receivables with the app’s status tracking feature. This app is basically one of the best free invoice apps for Android for workers, consultants, and contractors always on the go.


  • An invoice that can provide all your business needs: sales receipts, credit memos, quotes, estimates, etc. 
  • Track your invoices and estimates within the app. This prevents you from chasing payments. 
  • It takes one tap to send your invoices using your phone. 
  • Saves your precious time, so you don’t have to do manual data entry when creating an invoice.

Final Takeaway

There you have it. Now you can generate invoices to bill your clients using your phone. Go ahead and give these apps a spin, and let us know which one works best for you.

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