Many freelancers have a difficult time looking for the perfect template to bill their clients. And we know this, so we collected free printable invoice templates for freelancers and sole traders. By using our templates, you can easily bill your clients for the work that you’ve done. 

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Free Printable Invoice Templates

Here’s our gallery of free printable invoice templates. Feel free to download a template that suits your needs. You may download them as a document and open them in your word processor. Or, access them via Google Docs by making a copy and editing them to resonate with your brand. 



Google Doc, Word



Google Doc, Word



Google Doc, Word



Google Doc, Word



Google Doc, Word

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Didn’t find the style you want? Contact us, and we will add it to our gallery. 

We provide free printable invoice templates that look impressive and professional. Our templates are designed to win your clients. Choose a design you like and download the Word file. Fill out the fields or edit the labels. Then, your invoice is ready to be printed and sent. You may also send an electronic copy of the invoice via email or other messaging apps. 

How to Use Our Invoice Template

1. Choose your favorite template and hit the download button or the Google Docs button (this will automatically ask you to make a copy of the Google Doc invoice template).

2. Select Make A Copy to create an editable version of the template.

3. Fill out the invoice, change the labels, and customize the color scheme to resonate with your brand.

4. Download the invoice as a PDF or word document or send it directly to your clients as a Google Doc link or attachment. 

Free Printable Invoices Features

Highly customizable. You can edit our free printable features in any way you want. Change the color scheme, change the labels, add rows or columns, place your logo, change the font style and size, and more. Our templates enable you to match your invoices with your brand. 

Sleek, professional-looking invoices. Our free invoice templates include all the critical information your clients need. We also used sleek, professional, and minimalist design so your clients can only focus on the important details, such as your business information, itemized products or services, taxes, and total cost. 

Zero-cost, printable templates. All of our templates are free. Use them in any way you want without spending a dime. Fill out the necessary fields, and your invoice is ready for print!

Easy-to-use invoices. You can use any of our invoice templates even without professional training. Choose a template of your liking, download or create a copy, then complete the fields, and you’re good to go! It’s that fast and simple. 

We also have blank invoice templates and invoice templates for Google Docs. You can use them at zero cost. They’re editable and available in various formats. 

What Your Free Printable Invoice Should Include

Your invoice represents your brand, which means a beautiful, professional, and sleek invoice has so much to say to your clients about your company. That being said, you want your invoice to look impressive and beautiful. It should also contain all the essential information that your client needs to know. 

An outstanding invoice should include the following details:

  • Total cost: you must make the total cost clear and easy to read. There should also be a breakdown of the total amount—subtotal, tax, and discount. 
  • The amount due for each product: it’s your responsibility as the seller or service provider to tell your customer how much each item or services cost. It should also be clear whether the price indicated in the invoice includes or excludes the tax. 
  • Invoice number: each invoice you make should have a unique invoice number. The invoice number will serve as the reference number, so it’s easier to keep track of the invoices. 

When Looking for Free Printable Invoice Templates

When you’re looking for free printable invoice templates, you must consider selecting templates that look good once you print them. For more templates, check out our free receipt templates

A good printable invoice template should be easy on the eyes, readable, and clear. It should also let you add your company logo to represent your brand. Avoid invoice templates with hard-to-read fonts.

You should also consider the colors in your invoice. You don’t want an invoice with bright colors. Make sure the details in your invoice are easy to read. Colors that are too bright or too dark can make it difficult for your customers to read and understand the invoice. We also suggest using background colors sparingly. 

Use Spark Invoice Maker Now

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