Invoices are crucial for entrepreneurs to get paid for the goods or services they offer. On top of that, it’s an important document that makes bookkeeping easier. Whether you run a physical store or eCommerce, you need an invoice generator and invoice maker for small business to create sales invoices and get paid faster.

The Importance of Invoice Generator and Invoice Maker for Small Business

An invoice is a document that lists the services or products a vendor has provided a client. It gives the client the obligation to pay for the goods he has acquired. Needless to say, invoices are of utmost importance for small businesses. 

The easiest way to create an invoice is by getting an invoice generator and invoice maker for small business. Spark Invoice Maker is an invoice-generating app that lets you create and send invoices quickly.

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Gets you paid fast

An invoice generator and invoice maker saves you time… a lot of time, actually. You don’t have to boot your computer and scrabble around Word or Excel to create an invoice. Spark Invoice Maker takes care of the template and calculations. All you have to do is add the client information and the products or services acquired with their prices, then you’re all set. 

Sending the invoice is just as easy, too! You can save and send the invoice as a PDF file via email or messaging apps. 

Our guide, What Is An Invoice Maker App, covers tips on how to get paid faster using Spark invoice generator and invoice maker for small business.

Essential for bookkeeping

Businesses—small or large—need accurate bookkeeping, and invoices play a massive part in that. Invoices document every sale being made. When recorded properly, you will have all the crucial information to monitor your sales, track cash flow, and create clear and accurate financial reports. 

That’s why Spark Invoice Maker keeps all your invoices organized and secured. The app automatically saves your client list and the invoices you have created for each client. So when you need to monitor the invoices to develop reports or track unsettled invoices, you can access them easily with just a click!

Helps you manage and track inventory


If your small business sells tangible goods, your invoice generator and invoice maker for small business helps you manage your inventor and ensure you have enough supply of each product to accommodate incoming orders. 

By checking your invoices, you’ll know how many products have been sold, how many are left, and how much you will need for the upcoming months, based on your previous sales.

Essential documents for tax returns

An invoice generator and invoice maker for small business is also crucial when you need to verify your claims you make on your tax returns. Well-recorded invoices are also essential when completing your tax returns—it makes the process a lot easier since you will have all the records you need to check your expenses and revenue. 

Helps build your business plans


Your invoices provide essential data about how your small business is or has been performing. 

For example, a small business can check how much revenue was made in the past three months. And if the sales are low, the business owner can make campaigns, promotions, or marketing strategies to boost the revenue. 

It also helps business owners to determine weak points that need to be strengthened. 

Clearly, invoices help you get the data you need to build business plans. With it, you can see which products or services have made the most enormous earnings, and what other offerings you can provide to complement those goods. 

Use the information to update your offerings and pricing to attract more potential customers or clients. 

Protects you (legally)

Invoices aren’t just your golden ticket to get paid. They also protect you from trifling lawsuits that may be brought against your small business. 

Your invoice generator and invoice maker for small business shows what services or products you have provided your client, along with the timeline or duration of the process. 

Sales invoices protect you, especially when they are signed and approved by your clients. 

How to Send Your Invoice Via Email


By default, Spark Invoice Maker saves your invoices as PDF. After creating your invoice, the Send button will show up at the bottom of the screen. 

From there, you will have options to send your invoice via messaging apps or email. 

Many small businesses send their invoices through messaging apps that their clients use. You may want to ask your client how they like to receive their invoices. 

If you ask us, we recommend sending your invoices through email. Here are a few reasons why:

Free and paperless

Email is free—you don’t need to buy envelopes and stamps. These may not be as costly as you may think, but they actually add up over your business’s lifetime. 


Unlike a paper invoice that can get dirty, crumpled, and filed away, an emailed invoice is easier to access. For example, if you speak with a client on the phone and questions come up, you can ask your client to check his email, or you can just resend the invoice immediately. 

Emailing your invoice is especially convenient when you don’t have access to a computer or laptop. Spark Invoice Maker is available in the App Store and PlayStore, meaning you can create and send invoices in the palm of your hand! 

Say a client calls you and asks you how many products were send the last time, you can just check your email without having to open your computer!

Fast and hassle-free

Sending your invoices via email saves you a lot of time. You don’t need to worry about finding and addressing an envelope, adding a stamp, and dropping it into a mailbox. All you have to do is attach it as a PDF in your email, then hit send.

Unlike traditional mail that takes days before the recipient receives your mail, email is lightning fast! Once you hit send, it doesn’t take a minute before your client receives your email. This leads us to our next reason why you should send your invoice via email…

Gets you paid fast

Because your client received the invoice one week faster than it would have been if you sent it via mail, he can instantly send the payment. 

Yet, let’s say your client’s email is a mess, and your invoice email was pushed down your client’s inbox. Sending him a friendly reminder should be just fine. You can either send a reminder on that same thread or send a new email with the invoice number referenced or the invoice attached. 

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It’s easy to track

Lastly, emailed invoices are easier to track. Once you have sent the email, the email platform you use will automatically record the time you hit the send button. Also, you can check the Sent folder to see the time and date the invoice was delivered. 

Emailing platforms also allow you to enable delivery or read receipt. When enabled, you will get notified once the receipt has opened or read your email.