If you are a freelancer, startup, or service-based business, invoices are your holy grail for billing your clients. And invoices are strenuous to make with all the formatting, the gridlines, and the calculation. But an invoice maker can make everything fast and simple. 

An invoice maker app is specifically designed to help you create professional invoices quickly and easily. No need to boot up your computer, open Word or Excel, and format tables to create dull and complicated invoices. 

Creating invoices shouldn’t be too complicated. An invoice maker app is built explicitly to help you bill your customers and get paid right away. 

Who Can Benefit From An Invoice Maker App?


Any individual and businesses that sell products and services can benefit from an invoice maker app. 

Freelancers who offer professional services should use an invoice maker app to bill their clients. Here is a list of freelancers that should use invoice generators:

  • Web developers
  • Freelance writers
  • Social media managers
  • Online tutor
  • Virtual assistant
  • Proofreader
  • SEO expert
  • Graphics designer

It doesn’t matter if you charge your client by hour or project, invoice maker apps like Spark Invoice Maker lets you customize your invoice, so you can input the amount you and your client agreed on. 

Small and even large businesses can also use an invoice maker app, regardless of the products or services they offer. 

Do you sell handcrafted accessories, artworks, clothes, or kitchen supplies? Or are you a business owner that offers consulting services, coaching, or webinars? It doesn’t matter what field you are in, an invoice maker app is your best friend. 

Spark Invoice Maker App


Spark Invoice Maker app is your go-to invoice creator that lets you bill your customers with a professional, minimalistic invoice template. Check out some of the amazing features of Spark Invoice Maker app:

Fast and easy invoice

As a person always on the go, you need an app that lets you create invoices in an instant. Spark Invoice Maker app is convenient, user-friendly, and easily accessible. 

Account history

We keep all your invoices and transactions safe and secure in one place. Access your client list in just a click, then check all the invoices in each client without any hassle. This way, you can keep track of your invoices and ensure you got every client billed right.

Taxation, fees, and discounts

Customize your invoices exactly how you need it. Edit taxation, add shipping fees, and give discounts with ease. Simply input the numbers and let our invoice app do the math for you. Spark Invoice Maker ensures you get paid the right amount. 

Professional invoices on the go

It’s what’s in your invoice that counts, so we provide a minimalistic invoice to keep your client’s focus on the money they owe you. But that doesn’t mean you cannot customize your invoice. Make it your own by adding your business logo, so your clients can recognize your invoice instantly. 

Save and send

You can choose to save your invoice to your device or send it immediately to your client—or do both! Our invoice app enables you to save and share your invoices in different formats. You can send it as an attachment to any messaging app that you or your client use. 

Stop Chasing Payments


If there is anything that freelancers and startups have in common, that’s chasing payments from clients. 

Study shows that small businesses and freelancers are majorly paid late. And when they are not paid on time, freelancers use precious time chasing payments from pesky clients. They lose so much money in every minute they spend sending follow-up emails. 

Another reason behind late payments is that freelancers often input the wrong amount. The total amounts are often miscalculated, which results in delayed payments, and worse, payment disputes. 

As a freelancer, how can you avoid late payments and get paid faster?

Create accurate invoices

Clients return invoices with amounts that they did not agree on. It’s often because the freelancer miscalculates the amount, especially when taxes, shipping fees, and discounts complicate the math. 

An invoice maker app automatically does the calculations for you. All you need to do is to put the items bought from you with their corresponding prices. Spark Invoice Maker lets you manage your items and add discounts on each product or to the total cost. 

Keep track of your invoices

Things can get difficult to manage when you have too many customers and clients to handle. There could be mixed ups in the invoices and the possibility to lose or misplace them. 

With Spark Invoice Maker, you can keep track of all your clients and their invoices. Add a client to your list, and as quick as a tap, you can see all the quotations and invoices you have sent the client. 

That way, you can monitor the invoices that have not been paid, and keep track of them. It’s easier to bill your clients the interest they must pay for overdue payments. 

Send your invoices right away

Maybe you are often paid late because it takes you so much time to complete an invoice. We know that creating invoices manually on a computer is not a task everyone is excited about. 

That’s why invoice maker apps are invented. They let you create professional invoices quickly and easily. There is no need to boot up the computer and open Word or Excel. No need to stress about which font looks best or what theme looks more professional. 

Spark Invoice Maker app got you covered—from design to calculation. All you have to do is to add your business logo manually to make your invoice easily recognizable.

Get paid faster with Spark Invoice Maker 

You’ve done your job, now let us do ours. Use Spark Invoice Maker for your business, and get paid faster. Our invoice maker ensures you get the money you worked hard for.