Having a regular flow of monthly income can be helpful, especially in certain seasons where business is slow. That’s why it’s no surprise that many companies have come to appreciate the power of recurring invoices—invoices that you can repeatedly send on a regular schedule. This guide will walk you through the solution to creating recurring invoices effortlessly. 

Use Spark Invoice Maker For Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices have grown in popularity in modern businesses because they make the billing process much easier and more efficient. Business owners save a lot of time from remaking invoices, allowing them to focus on the more important matters of their business.

Before you can use recurring invoices, you must first get your client’s permission to charge them a regular amount on a regular basis. The billing will continue until the customer chooses to withdraw or until the agreed-upon termination date. 

Recurring invoices serve a lot of benefits—convenience being at the top. For one, you don’t have to request your customer’s payment information repeatedly. On the other hand, your customers don’t have to send manual payments frequently. 

Sending recurring invoices has never been easier, thanks to modern mobile applications that make the entire process fast and efficient. Spark Invoice Maker is a mobile productivity app that lets you generate and send invoices instantly. It automatically creates a professional PDF invoice you can send to your customers via email or text message.

When it comes to recurring invoices, Spark Invoice does an impressive job of keeping your records and saving previous invoices for faster and easier accessibility. If you’re looking for an app that lets you send recurring invoices without any hassle, then look no further—Spark Invoice Maker is here to save the day. 

Check out some of Spark’s features:

Saves your client information 

Spark Invoice Maker automatically saves your clients’ information. There are two ways you can do this: (1) you can manually save them on your client list page, or (2) by entering their information when creating a new invoice. 

At the app’s homepage, select (+) New to add a new client to your list in the Client section. You can manually enter your client’s information (name, address, and contact details) or import it from your contacts. To see your client list, go back to the homepage and select Manage in the Client section. 

When you select Manage, you will see your clients in alphabetical order. You will also see the number of invoices or estimates sent to each client. You can delete a client by clicking Select at the top right corner of the screen. If you wish to add a new client, simply select the (+) button at the bottom right corner. 

Whenever you add a new client, Spark Invoice Maker will automatically save the information, so you can quickly pull them up the next time you need to send a recurring invoice to the new client.

Lets you save your product or service information.

Spark Invoice does not only let you create a client list but also a product list, where you can save all your products and services with their descriptions and prices. By having pre-saved product information in the app, you can quickly enter the products or services you have provided in the invoice without having to type them. 

This can save you time, especially when a repeat customer orders the same goods or services. This is also why Spark Invoice Maker is the perfect app for generating and sending recurring invoices—it simplifies the entire billing process. 

To save your goods or services in the app, you can go to the homepage and select (+) New in the Item section. The app will then prompt you to enter the product name, description, unit (quantity), and unit price. You may also go to the Manage Item page (Homepage > Items > Manage) to see the added goods or services in the app. From there, you can delete, edit, or add new items. To delete an item, tap the Select button at the top right corner and choose an item(s) to erase. Tap a product you wish to edit, and select the (+) at the bottom right corner to add a new item.

Send your invoices fast

Once you have created an invoice, you can immediately send it to your client through email or messaging apps. Spark Invoice Maker supports major messaging platforms, ensuring you can deliver your invoices to your clients no matter what platform they use.

When you instantly deliver your invoices, you get a higher chance of getting paid early or within the deadline. Remember to send your invoices immediately within the delivery date, as the invoice date must reflect the invoice’s delivery date.

After the app has generated the invoice, you can preview it and look for errors. If corrections are needed, you can tap Edit at the top right corner. You want your invoice to be professional—that means accurate and error-free. Mistakes in invoices (whether in regards to your client’s information, pricing, or charges) may result in misunderstandings, disputes, or your invoice being returned to you, which can only delay payments. 

Spark Invoice Maker generates your invoices in PDF, which you can easily print out if necessary. If the invoice looks perfectly fine, you can directly send it to your client from the app by tapping the Send button at the bottom of the invoice. It will show the available options on your device based on the email service provider and messaging apps you have. 

If you have a cloud storage app on your device, you may also upload the invoice to it for record-keeping purposes. This way, you won’t have to print them out just to keep records. When you have your invoices saved in the cloud, you can check them across your devices. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about losing them. 

The Benefits of Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices can benefit you (and essentially, your business). Here are some reasons why:

Improves your business’ cash flow

Recurring invoices play a vital role in keeping a steady torrent of monthly income. If you’re a sole proprietor, a business owner, or a freelancer, you know how having a consistent stream of monthly income can keep your business running. Recurring invoices help improve your cash flow from month-to-month, ensuring you have enough money to cover your expenses. 

Speeds up payment

We are accustomed to paying bills, such as rent, phone, and cable. When you send recurring invoices regularly, you will encourage your customers to include your invoices in their payment routine. 

Plus, we all know how frustrating it is to chase payments and constantly request money from clients—you don’t want that. It’s unprofessional and can consume much of your precious time. Recurring invoices speed up the payment process by effectively cultivating good invoicing habits, which means you’ll spend a lot less time making follow-ups and chasing payments. 

As a freelancer, business owner, or contractor, you can focus your time on other critical business matters such as marketing, sales, and customer service.

Improves customer relationship

In marketing, one of the most important ways to grow and retain customers is to build a good relationship with them. Yes, the quality of your products and services matter as much as your marketing efforts, but customer relationship is what can make and break your business.

When you build a strong, good relationship with your customers, they are likely to spread good things about you and your business. These recommendations can grow your customer base. And remember, word of mouth spreads like wildfire—big and fast.

By sending recurring invoices to your clients, they will see you as part of their extended team (and will include you in their monthly budget) instead of just being perceived as an “ad hoc” seller.

Download Spark Invoice Maker Now

Spark Invoice Maker is a free-to-download mobile app designed for freelancers, business owners, sole traders, and contractors. It’s the best app to generate invoices and estimates—it lets you create well-formatted, professional invoices in the convenience of your palm. 

It’s a light mobile app that’s heavy on features that can streamline your billing processes. Create invoices without having to worry about formatting and design. All you need to do is enter the necessary information, and Spark will do the rest. 

Spark Invoice Maker also keeps your records in one place, so you can track your invoices and estimates quickly when you need them. You can check your past invoices and quotations, print them, or send them at any time. 

We generate sleek and minimalistic invoices that focus on the important information—that’s how invoices should be: not grandiose, but not too simple. Further, you can mark the invoices with your company logo to show your brand.  

Our invoice-generating app allows you to impose taxes or deduct discounts from the total amount. Learn more on how you can charge taxes using Spark Invoice Maker by reading our guide