Getting paid for the hard work you’ve done feels great—especially when you get compensated for doing the things you love. If you’re a freelancer or contractor, you need an efficient invoice generator app that attends to your due payments even when you’re always on the go. 

Your invoices need to look professional, and your billable hours should be stated clearly and precisely to establish your clients’ solid and continuous trust and confidence in your work. You don’t want to hurt your relationship with your clients because of bad practices with noncompliance entries. So, when you choose an invoice app, you need to look for features that let you generate professional, sleek, and accurate invoices. 

In this guide, we will show you why Spark Invoice Maker is the best invoice app for contractors, elaborating its features and the things that you can do with it.

The Best Invoice App for Contractors

Invoice generators help contractors and business owners bill customers in efficient, time-saving ways. Today, you can find thousands of invoice apps in the market, sharing the same features but at different price points. Some lack features and others stand out because of their unique and practical qualities. 

Spark Invoice Maker outshines other invoice apps out there. We built Spark to help contractors like you create invoices quickly and easily, requiring very little effort at your end. This way, you can focus more on improving your business and providing your customers with top-tier services. 

You don’t need any training to use Spark Invoice—Spark lets you create professional invoices in no time at all, complete with your brand name and company logo. 

As a contractor, you probably spend most of your time shifting from one client to another. If that’s true for you, you need an invoice app that you can quickly access using your mobile device, allowing you to create invoices instantly when the moment demands it. With Spark, you don’t have to worry about frustrating your clients for late invoices—you can absolutely create invoices on the spot.  

Spark Invoice Maker allows you to include billable hours in your invoice, which is particularly perfect if your arrangement with your client requires those. You can also send your invoices via a messaging app or text, which means you can send your invoices just seconds after completing them. 

Now, let’s talk more about what makes Spark Invoice Maker the best invoice app for contractors. 

Spark Invoice Maker Features

As a contractor, running your business means responding quickly to your clients and efficiently provide estimates and invoices. Spark Invoice Maker lets you create and send quotations and invoices in just a few swipes and taps. 

Generate Powerful, Impressive Invoices

A clear and concise invoice can make a huge difference—it can make lasting impressions on your clients, showcase your brand, and guarantee faster payments. Spark Invoice Maker allows you to create professional-looking invoices for your business insanely easy. 

You don’t need to boot up your computer and format a word document to create an invoice—Spark Invoice will take care of that. All you have to do is complete the fields and enter essential details, such as your customer’s information and the services you have rendered, along with your billable hours and rate. 

This speeds up the invoicing process, ensuring that your invoices land in your client’s inbox right after you complete them. 

Spark Invoice Maker lets you mark your invoices with your brand. You can add your business logo and business information to your invoice. And no, we won’t display our Spark Invoice Maker logo to your invoice. 

You can also add notes and images to your invoice. Type in your message and simply select your photos, then we’ll add them to your invoice. You can state the payment terms or specify the due date and the fees that come with it when the payment is made beyond the specified deadline. 

Create and Convert Estimates

As a contractor, you must use an app that lets you create invoices and estimates. Spark Invoice Maker is not just an invoice app—it also allows you to generate estimates within seconds. This means you can instantly send a potential customer an estimate of your services. 

Creating estimates is just as easy as making invoices. All you need to do is add the recipient’s information and the list of the services you can offer with their rates. Spark Invoice Maker will automatically turn this estimate into a PDF version, which you can send via text or messaging app. 

And if an interested client wants to go with your services, you can instantly convert the estimate into an invoice, so you don’t have to create a new one and enter the same information. This can save you so much time from doing mundane data entry tasks. 

Create and Manage Your Client List

With Spark Invoice Maker, you can create a list of your clients. This is especially helpful when you’re dealing with multiple clients. Having a saved list means you don’t have to enter their information repeatedly when they use your services. 

When adding a client to your list, you can either import their information from your Contacts or manually enter their information. Once a client is saved in your database, you can simply tap on their name to add them to your invoice. 

This feature allows you to check which of your clients use your services frequently, and from there, you can select which of them deserves an exclusive discount or offer! 

Add Your Products and Services

Another reason why Spark Invoice Maker is the best invoice app for contractors is that it lets you add your products and services into the app. Add your products or services into the app along with some descriptions and your rate for each item. When creating an invoice, you can simply select from the products list, so you don’t have to type them in the fields manually. 

Again, this is an excellent feature for contractors who are always on the go. Contractors are typically busy offering their services and growing their business. Having this feature saves you a lot of your time, allowing you to focus on more important matters in your expertise. 

When it comes to charging taxes and fees, Spark Invoice Maker gives you the option of whether your prices are tax inclusive or exclusive. Adding discounts is insanely easy, too. Our app will then automatically calculate the total payable amount. Yes, Spark will do the math for you, which means you don’t have to worry about miscalculations. 

Send or Save Your Invoices

Sending your invoices with Spark is extremely easy. Once the completed invoice is generated, you can send it immediately to your client via email, text, or other messaging apps. Your client will receive the invoice in PDF version, which can be easily printed out if they want to. 

Spark Invoice Maker keeps all your invoices in the app, but you can also opt to save them to your preferred cloud storage provider for record-keeping purposes. When you save your invoices in the cloud, you can access them on any of your devices. It also reduces the risk of losing your important documents in case your device gets stolen or corrupted. 

Invoice Templates for Contractors

Spark Invoice Maker really makes billing processes effortless. It’s a light mobile app that’s heavy on features, all of which allow you to generate invoices whenever and wherever you are. It automatically generates a PDF invoice that you can send electronically or on paper. 

We also have free, highly customizable invoice templates you can use and download for free. Check out our gallery of free invoice templates and blank invoice templates. You can access them via Google Docs or download and open them in your favorite word processing software. 

You can personalize our free templates by adding your business logo, changing the color scheme, or marking them with your company slogan. Yes, we give you complete freedom to customize our free templates to resonate with your brand. 

All of our invoice templates are free to use. If you want to try Spark Invoice Maker, you can take advantage of our three free invoices. Download Spark Invoice Maker now and start streamlining your billing processes.


A contractor like you needs an efficient tool for billing and invoicing. You need an invoice maker that can generate professional and beautiful invoices that can win your customers and amplify your brand—and that’s what Spark Invoice Maker is all about. Spark Invoice Maker brags a ton of unique features, making it the best invoice app for contractors. 

Download Spark Invoice Maker Now

Spark Invoice Maker is a mobile productivity application that lets you generate invoices on the go. It’s the best invoice app for contractors, freelancers, sole traders, and business owners. It packs all the features you need in an invoice app—it’s efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly. Download Spark Invoice Maker now on your iOS or Android device.