If you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, eCommerce owner, or freelancer, you probably have noticed how today’s industry has grown increasingly competitive. Businesses compete with each other by attracting more clients and retaining them. And while they’re at it, they look for ways to save time and money. 

Improving productivity and offering more convenience for their customers is crucial. And by using an invoice app, businesses can scale their billing models. 

Growing your business may not be very easy, but you can start by streamlining your billing. You can do that by looking for efficient ways to create invoices, along with keeping track of your inventory. On top of that, you can improve your cash flow, ensuring that your business has all the means to continue its operations. 

Now let’s dive into the top five reasons to use an invoice generator app

Five Reasons to Use an Invoice Generator App

Generating invoices is fast and easy.

When your business operates vigorously, and you have many things to attend to, you need something to help you perform tasks quickly. 

Many business owners either waste time filling out a spreadsheet or searching free invoice templates online. And they spend up to 20 minutes entering critical information—address, invoice number, itemized products, prices, discounts, etc. 

While it may not sound as strenuous, that process becomes lengthy and repetitive when you’re sending out multiple invoices at once. 

Probably the best advantage of invoice generating apps is automation. This means you can set up recurring payments for long-term customers. 

When you use an invoice generator app, you can save your client’s information beforehand. So, when you need to invoice a client, you can easily tap on their names to pull up their information. The same goes for your products. You don’t have to input them manually every time you create an invoice. Instead, you can store all product information at once and just click on them when filling out an invoice. 

In a nutshell, an invoice generator app helps speed up the billing process. Spark Invoice is insanely user-friendly, allowing you to generate invoices quickly and easily—no training needed to create an invoice with Spark!

Sending your invoices is a piece of cake, too. You may send your invoices via a text message or email (Spark supports major messaging platforms) or print them to hand out hard copies. 

Green, green, green

Using an invoice generator app not only saves time but also on the costs of paper, envelopes, and stamps. Even more so, when you go with paperless invoicing, you don’t need filing and storage. After all, you need to keep all documents such as invoices, receipts, and tax financials for up to 7 years. 

Have you seen old receipts and invoices? Have you noticed how their inks fade away as time goes by? Unlike printed receipts and invoices, you can store electronic invoices in the cloud and never be worried about the text fading away.

Many people hold on to all of their paper receipts and invoices. They usually take pictures of their receipts or scan them, which we can all agree is time-consuming. When you use an invoice generator app, it generates an electronic copy of the invoice, so you don’t have to scan them. Another benefit of going digital is the ability to have transparency between you and your accountants. 

Spark Invoice offers paperless invoicing, so you don’t have to spend on paper, envelopes, and mailing. It will save your business money, aside from the fact that it lets you contribute to the environment. 

Yes, invoice generators are environmentally friendly, at least when compared with paper billing. It saves trees, water, energy and significantly reduces pollution (you can advertise these). You spend less money on inks, and it reduces your business’s carbon footprint exponentially. 

Supports different currencies

If you’re an eCommerce or a freelancer dealing with clients from different parts of the world, you can easily bill them regardless of what currencies they use. Thanks to technology, we are essentially all global citizens. Now we can order stuff from the other side of the world. Freelancers from the UK can now offer their services to interested clients in the US. 

Because of this, you need an invoicing platform that will allow you to select any currencies your clients prefer. Yes, invoice generators do make the billing process much more convenient—it removes payment barriers!

And as mentioned earlier, you can quickly send your invoices electronically to your client via email or message. That means no matter where your clients are, you can send them invoices and get paid faster. 

Builds your brand

Establishing your brand is paramount to your success, especially now that businesses have become more competitive. An invoice generator app can help reinforce your brand’s identity. 

Spark Invoice allows you to add your business information and logo, so your invoice matches your brand’s voice. 

When you add your identity to your invoice, the chances of getting paid on-time increase, as your clients can easily recognize your invoice. Spark Invoice also lets you add notes to your invoice, which you can use to send personal messages to your clients—be that a simple “thank you” message or an update about an ongoing project.   

Considering these factors, it’s safe to say that invoice generator apps can enhance your customer relations. As mentioned several times in this post, they allow you to create accurate billings, use different currencies, and generate aesthetically pleasing and professional invoices. 

You can even add personal messages laser-targeted to your clients. With invoice generators, it’s so much easier to make each client feel like VIPs. When you strengthen your relationship with your customers, it will encourage them to pay you on time. It will also drive them to stay on your service and refer you to others, which will grow your customer base.

Anytime, anywhere

If you’re a vendor who frequently participates at events or a business that provides mobile services to clients, then getting an invoice generator can help grow your business. 

Invoice generators let you create invoices anytime and anywhere—whether you’re at a bazaar fair or in your business area. They allow you to manage your business on the go. 

Spark Invoice Maker is a mobile app that enables you to create invoices and estimates within seconds! It’s fast and easy to set up. You don’t need any accounting skills to generate invoices using Spark.

One of the best things about Spark Invoice is that you can store your invoices in your preferred cloud storage provider. That means you can create invoices wherever and whenever you want and then keep them in your cloud storage for later use. 

You may also send the invoices instantly once they’re generated, which means you can send a customer an invoice even before they leave your store. 

When you can deliver your invoices instantly, the more likely you are to get paid faster. As we emphasized many times in this guide, you can make invoices and send them to your customers within a matter of seconds. And it’s even faster if you’re making recurring invoices since Spark stores your client and product information in the app. 

Gone are the days when you have to wait for weeks for a client to receive, review and return an invoice via snail mail. With Spark, you can send invoices instantly and receive your compensation way faster.

Spark Invoice Maker Can Help Your Business Grow

Spark Invoice boasts a plateful of features that can scale your business. It enables you to make invoices quickly and efficiently, making sure you don’t waste time on mundane tasks—and by that, we mean filling out invoices repeatedly. 

That way, you can spend more time growing your business and improving your products and services. 

Setting up your Spark Invoice is easy. The best part is that you don’t have to create an account to use our app. Once you have downloaded Spark Invoice, all you need to do is set up your business by filling out the field. Add your business name and contact information. Next, it will prompt you to add your business logo, which you can just skip and add later. 

Our guide, How to Create An Invoice With Spark, will walk you through how to generate invoices using Spark Invoice Maker. 

You can utilize Spark Invoice not only for making invoices but also for managing your inventory too. By adding all your products to our app, you can easily monitor which product needs replenishing. It will also help you assess which of your products make the most sales and which is not. 

Having this feature means that you don’t have to spend a day checking your inventory. We understand how tiring it is to inventory your stocks. 

Download Spark Invoice Now

Spark Invoice Maker is a great free-to-download productivity tool that allows you to generate invoices and estimates quickly and easily. It’s simply perfect for any freelancers and business owners. It has all the features you need to generate professional and impressive invoices that will get you paid faster. Download Spark Invoice now on your Android or iOS device!